Teleflex is a leading global provider of medical technologies for critical care and surgery. Our portfolio is diverse, with solutions in the fields of vascular and interventional access, surgical, anesthesia, cardiac care, urology, emergency medicine, and respiratory care. You may recognize some of our brands. We are the home of Arrow®, Deknatel®, Hudson RCI®, LMA®, Pilling®, Rusch®, and Weck® – and now Pyng Medical.

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Sternal IO

A pioneer of sternal intraosseous Infusion technology, Pyng Medical now provides civilian and military emergency care providers with a rapid, easily learned, highly effective alternative to traditional peripheral vascular access.

Pelvic Stabilization

Pyng’s innovative circumferential pelvic stabilization technology enables military and civilian first responders to quickly and easily stabilize the pelvic ring in patients that have suspected pelvic trauma or fractures.


Pyng’s award-winning tourniquet technology provides 100% blood flow occlusion for moderate to severe hemorrhage from a limb. Now available in specialized product offerings for both military and civilian responders.

FASTResponder Sternal IO

When seconds count, you need an Intraosseous Infusion route and device that will enable you to get critical fluids and medications into the bloodstream as quickly and reliably as possible.  Learn More.

Watch the video to the left for an introduction and endorsement of FASTResponder by Dr. David Morehouse. Dr. Morehouse is a former US Army Special Operations Officer. and Ph.D medical researcher and and military trainer for more than 40 years. His company, 2SRG, has supported the training of more than 23,000 combat personnel.Dr. Morehouse now advises Pyng Medical as their Vice President of Product Engineering and Product Marketing.

Sternal IO Intraosseous Infusion Clinical Review PaperStudies Indicate the Sternal IO Route Improves Patient Outcomes

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Pelvic Fracture Clinical Review PaperPelvic Stabilization Devices Improve Pelvic Fracture Outcomes

Download our new clinical review paper by Dr. Alan Moloff

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When Saving Lives in Seconds Counts…

Count On Pyng Medical for Innovation, Efficiency, Reliability & Ease-of-Use to Meet the Needs of Your Job


When seconds count, emergency medical professionals need innovative trauma and resuscitation devices that are as effective and easy-to-use as possible under some times extreme conditions. Our innovative and award-winning Sternal IO, pelvic stabilization and tourniquet solutions are designed to support first responders and first receivers in stabilizing, resuscitating and safely transporting patients – and saving lives.

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Our customer support includes a comprehensive portfolio of training and educational guides, videos, and devices to ensure that you have the information, knowledge and skills needed to effectively use our medical devices. At Pyng, we take training and education seriously. That’s why our training and education team includes specialists with backgrounds in training and medicine as well as first-hand, real-world experience in the field.

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The Pyng Medical Team includes dedicated medical, research, development, training and education specialists including top-level engineers, doctors, military officers and bio-medical specialists, many with extensive real-world trauma and resuscitation experience in the field.

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About Pyng

Pyng Medical has been pioneering sternal intraosseous infusion technology since 1997, has received awards for its innovative tourniquet devices, and is leading the way in circumferential pelvic stabilization solutions. Today, Pyng engineers life-saving trauma and resuscitation products for both civilian and military medical and first response personnel.

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