Pyng Medical engineers, manufactures and distributes award-winning trauma and resuscitation products for front-line critical care personnel world-wide.

Pyng’s product portfolio includes innovative Sternal Intraosseous (sternal IO), pelvic stabilization and tourniquet devices specifically designed and customized for both the military and civilian markets.

With growing markets in North America, Europe and Asia, Pyng develops specialized medical devices for use by hospital staff, emergency medical services and military forces.

Our Vision

Pyng Medical will play a critical role in helping First Responders and First Receivers save the lives of every person that can be saved in an emergency or trauma situation.

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Our Mission

We Listen. We Imagine. We Help.

Pyng Medical will listen to the concerns of First Responders and First Receivers, will imagine solutions that would help them and their patients, and will bring to market life-saving medical devices, when seconds count in improving patient outcomes.

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About Pyng Medical

Pyng Medical is a medical device company focused on the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of life-saving trauma and resuscitation devices in three main product categories:

  • Sternal Intraosseous Infusion: FASTResponder, FASTCombat, FAST1

  • Pelvic Stabilization: T-PODResponder, T-PODCombat

  • Tourniquets for Blood Flow Occlusion: MATResponder, MATCombat

Based in Richmond, British Columbia, Pyng was founded in the 1990’s and today has a lean and dedicated team of medical, engineering, education, and training professionals.

Pyng’s medical devices are brought to market through a global network of specialty medical device distributors.


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About Our Customers

Pyng’s end-customers include both military and civilian emergency medical professionals. Both United States and global militaries have used Pyng’s products and solutions in the field for more than a decade. In 2013, Pyng launched customized versions of its sternal intraosseous infusion, pelvic stabilization and tourniquet devices for use by civilian medical professionals. Today, Pyng Medical devices are being used in military and civilianpre-hospital and hospital settings.

For First Responders: Pyng’s products are specifically designed to enable first responders in the field (ambulance, police and fire) to quickly and easily stabilize trauma (such as pelvic fractures or bleeding) and supply life-saving fluids and medications (sternal IO). Important considerations for first responders include:

  • Devices that are rugged and can work in extreme conditions: All of the rugged features of our military products (which have been designed and tested for use in the most extreme combat conditions) are included in our civilian products.
  • Ease of use and safety in transport to the hospital. Our FASTResponder Sternal IO was designed to be small and portable with low-profile tubing that is difficult to bump or dislodge during transport, and our T-PODResponder Pelvic Stabilization device is designed without metal parts so it does not have to be removed for most physiological scans.

For Hospital Critical Care: Pyng’s products are also designed and optimized foruse in hospital emergency, trauma and critical care units. Pyng’s Sternal IO device features an all-in-one design and is small, portable, and fits easily on a crash cart. Pyng IO devices do not require batteries, so are always ready for use.

A Pioneer in Sternal Intraosseous Infusion Technology

Pyng Medical was the pioneer in sternal intraosseous infusion technology.FAST1 was first cleared for Adults in 1997 and was available for use by 2000.

In April 2008, FAST1 was cleared for use in adolescents. FAST1 has been trusted and used by military and EMS personnel for more than a decade. In fact, more combat personnel use FAST1 sternal IO than any other sternal or tibial IO device.

In 2013, Pyng launched FASTResponder, which includes all the trusted and proven features of FAST1 but modified to specifically meet the needs of civilian emergency medical services and hospital critical care personnel.

FASTCombat launched in 2014, incorporating all the new features of FASTResponder, but designed in military green for combat personnel.

Award-Winning Medical Device Technology

Pyng’s MAT® Tourniquet was recognized in 2009 as one of the “ten top products that changed the world” by Wired for Design, and has received awards including the IDSA’s Gold Award for Best Medical Product Design of 2006 and 2007, Design of the Decade in 2010 (Silver), and 2007 INDEX Award for best medical product in the world (Finalist).

Pyng also received the exclusive 2008 Medical Device Company of the Year Award from LifeSciences British Columbia for sustained achievements in commercializing FAST1®, the first medical device that offers the advantages of rapid sternal access for administering drugs and fluids to the heart. Pyng was also honored with a Gold 2000 Medical Design Excellence Award for its FAST1 Intraosseous Infusion System. Recognized in the Critical-Care and Emergency Medicine Products category, FAST1 was singled-out for its ease-of-use, effectiveness, and rapid sternal delivery of critical fluids and medications to patients for whom an IV needle insertion is difficult or impossible.

Additionally, Pyng Medical was selected for inclusion in the 2007 TSX Venture 50 “Top 10 Companies in Life Sciences” list, based on financial metrics for 2006.

Sternal IO

A pioneer of sternal intraosseous Infusion technology, Pyng Medical now provides civilian and military emergency care providers with the critical ability to easily establish vascular access when peripheral intravenous access fails.

Pelvic Stabilization

Pyng’s innovative circumferential pelvic stabilization technology enables military and civilian first responders to quickly and easily stabilize the pelvic ring in patients that have suspected pelvic trauma or fractures.

Emergency Tourniquet

Pyng’s award-winning tourniquet technology provides 100% blood flow occlusion for moderate to severe hemorrhage from a limb. Now available in specialized product offerings for both military and civilian responders.

Medical Device Products for the Military

Pyng Medical’s products have been used and proven in the field by military and combat personnel since 2000. Currently, Pyng’s military and combat product line includes:

Medical Device Products for Civilian EMS and Hospitals

Following the success of Pyng’s products with the military, the need for similar products within the civilian pre-hospital and hospital markets became clear. While this new market required the same solutions, they also had some unique needs. As a result, Pyng engineered and launched specialized products specifically designed for the civilian market. These products include:

All of Pyng’s civilian solutions are based on the same proven and award-winning platforms of their tried and true military solutions.