FASTResponder Training

There are three main ways to receive training on FASTResponder Sternal IO:

1. In-Person Training through Pyng Medical’s Clinical Education Program

In this training option, you will arrange a formal in-person training session with your local distributor or through our Clinical Education Program. You will receive on-site training via a qualified Pyng Medical Clinical Educator, that includes both didactic and hands-on training.
*only available in the US.

2. Online Live Webinar-Based Training

In this training option, you will arrange a live training webinar with a qualified Pyng Medical Clinical Educator. The training session will be delivered via Go-to-Meeting and you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

3. Self Training Online

In this training option, you will take yourself through Pyng Medical’s six step online self-training process which you can access on this page. This six step training process includes guidance and links to everything you need to self-train in the proper methodology for deploying FASTResponder. In addition to initial self-training, this training may also be used as a supplement to in-person or webinar training, or as refresher training on an ongoing basis. Access Self Training Online Now.

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FASTResponder Sternal Intraosseous Device

FASTResponder Main Training Materials and Devices:

Below is an overview of the main FASTResponder training materials. Note that every person who uses FASTResponder needs to complete at least one of the training options above.

FASTResponder Basic Training Video:

Training Quick Links:

FASTResponder Advanced Training Video:

FASTResponder Removal Video:

The video below provides specific instructions on how to remove the FASTResponder Sternal IO device.

FASTResponder Training PowerPoints

1. Main FASTResponder Training PowerPoint

This is the main training presentation for the FASTResponder Sternal IO device and should be reviewed by every practitioner before using FASTResponder.

Download the Main Training PowerPoint

2. FASTResponder Training PowerPoint Supplement

This supplemental PowerPoint presentation should be reviewed after the main FASTResponder Training PowerPoint above. It reviews commonly asked questions in addition to giving advice on how to be sure first deployments are successful.

Download the Supplemental PowerPoint

FASTResponder Training Devices


Chest-MATT is a training model for FASTResponder. Chest-Matt allows students to successfully perform a Sternal Intraosseous (IO) insertion correctly and accurately on a real person increasing learning retention and real world applicability.

Chest-Matt is a human worn reusable training model that contains all the pertinent anatomical landmarks to successfully perform a Sternal Intraosseous insertion. The device contains palpable clavicles, manubrium, and a sternal notch. The wearer is protected by a puncture resistant ABS plastic shield built into the anatomically similar model covered in lifelike silicone skin.

Chest-Matt contains removable and reusable training pucks covered in silicone skin that have the ability to accept between 6 and 10 insertions each.

Download the Chest-MATT Brochure


FASTResponder Trainer

The FASTResponder Trainer Device allows students to practice on a device very similar to the actual FASTResponder and to become acquainted with proper deployment and safety procedures. As a training device, the FASTResponder Trainer can be re-set and re-used multiple times. The FASTResponder Trainer Device is used on simulated devices such as the SimStern, allowing students to get hands-on experience with a similar replicate of the device and get a feel for how the device really works.

FASTResponder Trainer Video:

This video walks the user through the reset steps so the FAST Trainer can be used and reset up to its approximately 50 deployments. The video is designed to be watched from start to finish, and we recommend to you do this several times before attempting to reset the actual FAST Trainer. Once you have internalized the steps and flow, then, we recommend you work with the actually FAST Trainer to master the reset process.

The process is not difficult; however, it does require focus and understanding, or a step could be missed and the device would not be ready for another training deployment. If users attempt to deploy the device before it is properly reset, the FAST Trainer can be damaged and rendered not usable.

FASTResponder Training Video from Pyng Medical on Vimeo.


FASTResponder Training Kit

FASTResponder Insertion & Removal Instructions

Download the Quick Reference Card:

FASTResponder Sternal IO Quick Reference Guide