Frequently Asked Questions

MATResponder Tourniquet

Can MATResponder be applied to all extremities?

Yes. The open C-Cuff design of MATResponder provides easy application to both arm and legs. Its construction also enables MATResponder to be easily applied to trapped limbs.

Can MATResponderbe applied with one hand?

Yes. The C-Cuff, secure Buckle, and Turn Key together provide fast, one-handed application. MATResponder uses the Mechanical Advantage mechanism to ensure the tourniquet does not slip or loosen.

How fast can MATResponder be applied and tightened to stop blood flow?

Testing has consistently produced complete application and occlusion of blood flow in under 30 seconds 1.

How effective is MATResponderat reducing blood loss?

When applied properly, MATResponder is 100% effective at reducing blood loss. In a study conducted at the Kings County Hospital comparing three one-handed tourniquets, MAT® demonstrated 100% occlusion success1. Occlusion in these tests was measured with Doppler, BP and Oximeter sensors.

How durable is MATResponder?

MATResponder has been designed and developed with the highest grade materials, components and manufacturing quality, to military-specifications, including integrated mechanism fail-safe redundancies. MAT® has passed rigorous, independent laboratory extreme conditions and performance tests. It has been designed for a 10 year shelf-life.

Can MATResponder be easily packed and carried?

MATResponder weighs less than 6 ounces packaged, and comes in a compact package, making it easy to pack into first aid, medical, and military kit bags.

When to Use MATResponder

When Should MATResponder be used?

MATResponder can be used to stop moderate to severe extremity blood loss from any limb, including a trapped limb, as a result of trauma to the limb. The C-Cuff, Buckle and Turn Key make one-handed application simple, even while wearing gloves, in extreme environments or while applying MATResponder™ to oneself.

Who Should use MATResponder?

MATResponder has been designed for use by all levels of medical personnel and can be easily and quickly taught to non-medical personnel. It can be used in any environment, including the battlefield, tactical EMS, natural and man-made disasters and hospitals.

Can MATResponder be used on children?

The only restriction on use is the diameter of the affected limb. MATResponder offers an adjustable fit from 4” diameter to 39” circumference”

Using MATResponder

What size limb does MATResponder accommodate?

MATResponder can be used on a wide range of limb sizes — from as small as a 4” diameter forearm to a 39” circumference thigh.

Can the compression of MATResponder be modulated?

Yes. The turn key system provides for easy and safe tightening of the tourniquet in small, controlled increments, making it adjustable for various body types and sizes. To loosen the device, press the Release Button. Then re-cinch the strap, if necessary, and re-engage the Turn Key to re-tighten.

How is blood flow modulated with MATResponder?

Blood flow is modulated by tightening and loosening the Strap by means of the Buckle, Turn Key and Release Button. This may be done in small increments, allowing the user or caregiver ultimate control over the tourniquet’s tightness. To stop moderate to severe extremity blood loss, tighten the strap then rotate and tighten the Turn Key until bleeding stops.

Can MATResponder be released and reapplied?

Yes. There are easy and fast ways to release MATResponder

  1. Push the pressure gate on the buckle to allow the strap to slowly slide through the buckle gate.
  2. Simply press the Release Button on the side of MATResponder to automatically release (usually accompanied by immediate unwinding of the Turn Key mechanism).
  3. The Buckle can be lifted up and off of its hook.

To re-apply and reuse the MATResponder the device must be fully reset. This is done by pushing the Release Button and pulling the Strap all the way out, until you see the stitching at the end of the Strap.

MATResponder and Safety

Can MATResponder be used for multiple applications?

No. To prevent cross contamination, once the device has been used on an injured person, it should be disposed of in the appropriate manner.

For training purposes, MATResponder can be used multiple times, as long as it is properly reset (see previous answer). However, there is a risk that the Turn Key mechanism may bind or fail to work properly after numerous uses if the device is not reset properly.


  1. Dungca, C. & Pfaff, B. (2005). (Comparative Tourniquet Self-Application and Use Testing). Army Medical Training Center. Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn, NY. Unpublished study.