Rapid and Effective Circumferential Pelvic Stabilization with One-Hand Application

Military medical personnel deal with critical, hostile and stressful situations daily that require them to quickly stabilize the pelvic ring in patients that have suspected pelvic fractures and possible internal bleeding.

Pelvic fractures present a difficult challenge to military personnel, and they have a very high mortality rate of 5% to 50%, due to the significant hemorrhage that may occur in the pelvis with minimal external signs.

When seconds count, military personnel need a pelvic stabilization device that is easy to apply by one person in the field and does not have to be removed for MRI, X-Ray and CT scans.

Rapid assessment, stabilization and compression are critical to minimizing mortality in the treatment of pelvic fractures.

A pelvic stabilization device featuring a pulley system gives responders complete control over the tightening process, enables symmetrical and circumferential compression, and allows the device to be applied by one person in the field. Devices without metal parts provide improved stabilization and a better patient experience as they do not have to be removed for most scans.

Pelvic-Stablization-Clinical-Review-tumbNot All Pelvic Fracture Treatments are Equal.

Clinical Data indicates pelvic stabilization devices improve pelvic fracture outcomes

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When a pelvic trauma, fracture or possible internal bleeding is suspected, quickly stabilize the pelvic ring with just one hand using the T-PODCombat Pelvic Stabilization Device. Featuring a unique pulley system, T-P0DCombat is easy to use and provides circumferential compression in controlled increments.

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ProSlide is a pre-hospital tool used for transferring trauma and emergency patients as well as applying T-PODCombat to stabilize the pelvic region.

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Who uses Pyng’s Military Pelvic Stabilization Solutions?

Conventional and special operations forces personnel of all services from combat medics to physician’s assistants, nurses and physicians.