Award-winning Tourniquet Technology for 100% Blood Flow Occlusion

Moderate to severe bleeding from the extremities has been cited in numerous articles as the most common cause of preventable death on the battlefield. And many different military and civilian publications cite extremity hemorrhage as a common cause of significant morbidity and mortality.

Tourniquets have been used as medical devices, in a variety of forms, for thousands of years. The US military has changed its approach to tourniquet usage during the last eight years, now advocating early and aggressive use of tourniquets to control moderate to severe bleeding of the extremities. This policy is being adopted by civilian tactical medicine (SWAT) and routine pre-hospital trauma care algorithms.

When seconds count, innovative tourniquet designs featuring mechanical systems can be applied with one hand and not slip or loosen even in the most extreme environments.



Pyng’s award-winning tourniquet technology provides 100% blood flow occlusion for moderate to severe hemorrhage from a limb.

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Who uses Pyng’s Military Tourniquet Solutions?

Conventional and special operations forces personnel of all services from combat medics to physician’s assistants, nurses and physicians.