Online Training Instructions for FAST Sternal IO Devices

The information on this page is designed to help a potential user self-train online in the proper methodology for deploying Pyng Medical’s FAST Sternal Intraosseous Infusion devices, FASTResponder and FASTTactical.

This online training is an ideal way to initially self-train on FAST Sternal IO usage, or to self-train when you don’t have the time or capability to arrange on-site training. This self-training is also a great supplement to your in-person training, and can be used as refresher training on an ongoing basis.

Note that there are two other options for you to receive training on our FAST Sternal IO devices: 1. In-Person Training through Pyng Medical’s Clinical Education Program, 2. Live Online Webinar-Based Training with Pyng Medical personnel. See the FASTTactical and FASTResponder training pages for more information on these options.

Important note: Although most of the training downloads and videos on this page refer specifically to FASTResponder, they apply equally to FASTTactical. Functionally, the two devices are the same and only differentiate in terms of color – FASTResponder is blue with orange accents (for civilian EMS and hospitals) and FASTTactical is black with orange accents (for the military). This training information does not apply to FAST1.

FASTResponder Sternal Intraosseous Device


Six Step Self-Training System:

There are six essential steps necessary to achieve the basic level skills necessary to deploy FASTResponder or FASTCombat:

Step 1: Instructions for Use

Download and Review the Instructions for Use. 

The Instructions for Use cover all of the need-to-know information about the use of the FAST devices, and is a great first orientation document. In this document, you will be introduced to the capabilities, contraindications, and considerations of using the FAST devices, along with basic terminology pertaining to the various components of the FAST devices, such as the Target Foot, Infusion Tube, Anti-Buckle, etc.

Step 2: Training PowerPoint Presentation

Download and review the Training PowerPoint

The Training PowerPoint walks you through the capabilities, limitations and steps for deploying the FAST devices step by step. High-resolution photographs throughout will help you better understand the deployment steps. Directional arrows help illustrate the need for working on axis, and from the head of the patient, as well as the need to use two hands, and more.

We recommend medical providers work through the PowerPoint presentation several times until comfortable with the application and removal process.

FASTResponder Sternal IO Training PowerPoint

Step 3: Training Videos

There are two training videos for FASTResponder which all providers should review:

1. FASTResponder Basic Training Video

Similar to the Training PowerPoint, the Basic Training Video walks you through the capabilities, limitations and steps for deploying the FAST devices step by step.

This video is sectioned and indexed using the time code function, which allows you to move forward and backward in the video or access and review one section at a time. However, we strongly recommend that when first training on the FAST devices, medical providers should watch the Training Video from start to finish several times, without jumping from section to section. The training video is the best self-training method to understand the concept of a successful FAST device deployment, including the concept of “User Applied Force”. View the FASTResponder Basic Training Video on Vimeo.

2. FASTResponder Advanced Training Video

The Advanced Training Video is physician led and designed for trainers, instructors, EMS leaders in addition to all providers. This video contains more information than the basic training video, and goes into greater detail. In addition, this video outlines the most common challenges providers encounter when using FASTResponder, and how to avoid them. All providers should view both the basic and advanced training videos. View the FASTResponder Advanced Training Video on Vimeo.

3. FASTResponder Removal Video

The Removal Video provides specific instructions on how to properly remove the FASTResponder Sternal IO device. View the FASTResponder Removal Video on Vimeo.

Step 4: End User Notes

Download and review the FAST End User Notes Supplemental PowerPoint Presentation

If you have not received hands-on training, when following this online training process, it is extremely important that you get a feel for common mistakes or misunderstandings that can occur when a user first goes to deploy a FAST Sternal IO device. This can best be accomplished via the End-User Notes PowerPoint Presentation. Please pay careful attention to the advice and experience that is disseminated here

As a supplement to our main FAST Training PowerPoint. this presentation is designed to help you overcome common FAST challenges in order to avoid common errors and achieve a successful first deployment. This presentation combines lessons learned, tips and pointers collected by our trainers over several years of deployments, and includes feedback from medical providers who have experience with live insertions into patients, as well as insertions into cadaveric tissue, or into SimStern and Chest Matt material.

This presentation presents several typical challenges providers have faced in the field, and describes how to overcome those challenges. By reviewing this presentation, you will know up-front some of the challenges you may face and know ahead of time how to overcome them.

FASTResponder Sternal IO End User Notes Presentation Thumbnail

Step 5: FAST Trainer Device and Training Systems

Review the FAST Trainer Video on YouTube

Now that you have reviewed the main FAST training materials, it’s time to introduce yourself to the FAST Trainer Device and Training Systems using the FAST Trainer Video.

This video walks the user through the reset steps so the FAST Trainer can be used and reset up to its approximately 50 deployments. The video is designed to be watched from start to finish, and we recommend to you do this several times before attempting to reset the actual FAST Trainer. Once you have internalized the steps and flow, then, we recommend you work with the actually FAST Trainer to master the reset process.

The process is not difficult; however, it does require focus and understanding, or a step could be missed and the device would not be ready for another training deployment. If users attempt to deploy the device before it is properly reset, the FAST Trainer can be damaged and rendered not usable.

Step 6: Insertion/Removal Quick Reference Card

Download the Quick Reference Card

The FAST Insertion & Removal Quick Reference Card was designed to be printed (and laminated if desired) and carried with you as an easy reference for your FAST deployment.


FASTResponder Sternal IO Quick Reference Guide

Review of the FAST Training Devices and Systems:

The FAST Training Devices and Systems include the FAST Trainer, the Chest-MATT training manekin and the FAST Training Kit. Each one is described in more detail below:

FAST Trainer

The FASTResponder Trainer Device allows students to practice on a device very similar to the actual FASTResponder and to become acquainted with proper deployment and safety procedures. As a training device, the FASTResponder Trainer can be re-set and re-used multiple times. The FASTResponder Trainer Device is used on simulated devices such as the SimStern, allowing students to get hands-on experience with a similar replicate of the device and get a feel for how the device really works.

The FAST Trainer is all orange in color, and is used for TRAINING ONLY. It is the same weight, dimension, look and feel as the clinical devices (FASTResponder & FASTCombat) with some small changes. The three bone probes are solid and will penetrate the ChestMATT and SimStern training material, and the device can be reset for repetitive training deployments. 


Chest-MATT is a training model for FASTResponder. Chest-Matt allows students to successfully perform a Sternal Intraosseous (IO) insertion correctly and accurately on a real person increasing learning retention and real world applicability.

Chest-Matt is a human worn reusable training model that contains all the pertinent anatomical landmarks to successfully perform a Sternal Intraosseous insertion. The device contains palpable clavicles, manubrium, and a sternal notch. The wearer is protected by a puncture resistant ABS plastic shield built into the anatomically similar model covered in lifelike silicone skin.

Chest-Matt contains removable and reusable training pucks covered in silicone skin that have the ability to accept between 6 and 10 insertions each.

FAST Training Kit